Personal Hygiene 101: Twitter Is Disgusted After Woman Admits To Not Washing Her Hands

Social media affords a platform to any and everybody. Although, in some cases, it allows users to explore new ideas, thoughts, and cultures, in other cases, it exposes the hateful, vile and downright disgusting inner thoughts of some of its users. 

Just weeks after learning that some people don’t wash their legs in the shower, another Twitter user confirmed that personal hygiene is not a priority for everyone. 

On Wednesday, blogger and critic Ana Marie Cox took to Twitter to call out a woman for essentially questioning her hygiene habits. 

“I was running late to the studio but had to stop in the building’s restroom to use the loo, and BC OF LATENESS, I went straight from stall to the door. A woman walking out the same time as me TURNS AROUND AFTER WE LEAVE AND SAYS, “So, you’re not going to wash your hand,” she wrote. “I am a grown-ass woman with 46 years of experience on this earth & this has *not once happened to me.* I wish I had the presence to mind to tell her that I’d love to chat, but I was due in surgery, but instead, I just gawked at her and said: “I’ll wash them later.” BC I USUALLY DO.” 


“I have never seen this woman before in my life,” Cox continued. “I have no idea why she felt like it was a good idea to ask me that (maybe she’s sick? She has kids at work today?), but I am pretty sure she can’t be from Minnesota. (She would have judged me silently.)” 

The political columnist then revealed she did use hand sanitizer and shared a screenshot of an article that said, “washing your hands can actually increase the number of microorganisms present on your hands.” 

As she went on to condemn the woman for minding her business, Twitter took the opportunity to highlight the most important part of the story: the woman didn’t wash her hands. 

“You think this is a story about her rudeness. Huh,” one user wrote. “Wash your hands. ‘What an upsetting experience! I will tell the story on twitter and be validated by my many friends and fans!’” 

“The only part of this I find surprising is that you’re admitting to all of Twitter that you left a restroom without washing your hands. I’m not saying I’ve never done it, I’m just saying announcing it is not a direction I would have gone in,” another said, as others kept it short and sweet saying, “Wash your hands. Ew”

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