Twitter Reacts To #FcvkFourth After Many Refuse To Take Part In The Holiday

America’s belief that it runs off the core value of liberty and justice for all is BS!

This fourth of July will go silent among many due to the evident injustice and systematic racism that remains prevalent within America’s system. Many people in this country have chosen not to celebrate the fake patriotic day that actually amplifies and reveals the ugly truth of America’s legacy.

#FvckTheFourth is currently and rightfully trending on Twitter with good reason and intentions. Considering the recent deaths of #AhmaudArbey, #BreonnaTaylor, and #GeorgeFloyd, as well as the multiple viral videos that have surfaced of racial discrimination, including #AmyCooper, and #TomAustin people are opting out of playing into America’s joke that it carries out its constitution. Instead, people are seizing the day to fight for the cause and call America out on its hypocrisy.

America’s leaders and patriotic citizens would love for us to believe the words in the Declaration of Independence hold true or even make sense, despite the fact that it was created and signed by people who owned slaves and even more troubling, was a time many Blacks were still enslaved. Maybe while America is making all these “pro-Black” changes, how about we petition for the changes of historical documents that weren’t created by “founding fathers” who helped oppress us. How can we positively and equally rise from a broken foundation or believe the words if they weren’t being carried out by its authors?

So yes, keep your red, white, and blue America, we will no longer be blind sighted by fireworks and cookouts. Although we’ve long known the history of America, we have cordially joined in, almost as a pawn, like everything was all good. But it’s not! Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain’s murderers are still free, poverty and incarceration numbers are still at disproportionate rates, and a slew of other unequal and injustices falls heavily on Black America as if we haven’t endured enough. And that’s just 2020, we have yet to bring up #ElijahMcClain, #TrayvonMartin, #EricGarner, and the many other Black people who were swept under the rug and the Declaration of Independence has failed. The “Independence Day” and the other national American symbols so many love to honor and claim, do not extend or collectively represent all of us. And still, our cries for justice and equality go hollow and mocked as if they are invalid.

So again, #FvckTheFourth! Have a nice regular-degular day! Keep the Hashtag going Twitter!

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