Twitter Reacts To Graphic Video of Azealia Banks Cooking Her Dead Cat

Azealia Banks has horrified fans once again with a graphic video of her cooking her dead cat.

Many fans were left concerned after a documented video of Banks digging up and cooking her dead cat was posted to her Instagram page.

“Lucifer 2009-2020. My Dear kitty,” she wrote as her caption on one of the two since-deleted videos. “Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon. Forever a serval serve.”

In the video, Banks proceeds to boil her deceased pet companion, which she claims passed away 3 months ago.  She then posted a picture of the cat’s skull hanging on her wall.

This isn’t the first time Banks has shown us her witchcraft. In 2016, she performed a Brujeria ritual in her closet, stating that “Real witches do real things” after cleaning up three years’ worth of chicken blood from her floors.

Fans were left wondering if this was some sort of prank. You know Black Twitter had something to say about the rapper and her horrific video:

One user tweeted: “cats when they see Azealia Banks coming”

Another user tweeted: “Scrolling through Instagram and seeing Azealia Banks boiling her dead cat”

One user jokingly tweeted: “the mice in azealia banks kitchen watching the cat be made into a soup”

The jokes kept coming, another Twitter user wrote: “the cats at the adoption center when they see Azealia banks come in”

“Me watching Azealia Banks cook her dead cat on her insta”

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