Twitter Reacts To Kylie Jenner Asking Fans To Donate Money To Her Makeup Artist GoFundMe

Twitter Reacts To Kylie Jenner Asking Fans To Donate Money To Her Makeup Artist GoFundMe

Billionaire Kylie Jenner is receiving much backlash from social media after asking her followers to donate over $60k to a GoFundMe account for her makeup artist emergency surgery.

Yesterday, Kylie took to Instagram to share the link of the crowdfunding page for Samuel Rauda, a 26-years young make-up artist who was injured in a car accident last weekend.

According to news outlets, Rauda was thrown from a moving vehicle, suffering internal bleeding and brain injuries after hitting his head on the pavement.

After contributing  $5k herself, the entrepreneur asked her followers to help collect the remainder of the $60k for Rauda’s care, but many users weren’t here for the billionaire asking people for money during a pandemic.

One Twitter user tweeted, “It’s not even about the fact that she won’t pay for the surgery herself. Every single last one of Kylie Jenner’s sisters is a millionaire. Her parents are millionaires. Her friends are millionaires. But she asked the MIDDLE CLASS for money. This family……”

While most people slammed Kylie for asking people to donate when she only donated $5k, One female rapper, Asian Doll, in particular, defended her.

Asian Tweeted, “People mad at Kylie for raising 60k for her makeup artist instead of giving him 60k cause she rich. Either way he got 60k right? Even if she ain’t personally give it to him he still got it from HER supporters meanwhile your friend won’t even take you to your job orientation.”

She even went back and forth with some users on the situation, she said “I don’t care if she’s a trillionaire her money is her money.”

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