Twitter Reacts To Rajon Rondo’s “Motel 6” Comment About NBA Bubble Room: “Motel 6 Absolutely Loving this Comparison”

Oh, to be a multi-millionaire with expensive taste, accustomed to the finer things in life.

Just months after the 2019-20 NBA season was suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus, NBA players are headed to Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports to resume the season.

In an effort to keep fans and players safe amid the pandemic, the league has created an alternative space called the “NBA Bubble,” where players will reside for the remainder of the season. However, to their surprise, the conditions aren’t exactly what they signed up for.

It all started with Troy Daniels of the Denver Nuggets, who began documenting his experience in the bubble upon his arrival. On Tuesday, the baller shared a picture of his first meal, which consisted of salad, fruit, and chips. Though the menu detailed even more options, the photo was enough to send fans into a frenzy.

Things got even worse when Chris Chiozza of the Brooklyn Nets shared his “Dinner Time” meal, forcing fans to compare the struggle meal to the Fyre Fest. However, after a few jokes, Marc Stein of the New York Times quickly clarified the conditions, saying, “Food in the NBA Bubble changes after quarantines are completed. Player meals won’t look like airline trays after the first 48 hours.

Despite the clarification, just two days later, the league’s bubble made headlines again, after Rajon Rondo took to social media to express his frustrations. But, unlike previous complaints, the fans could not relate.

“Motel 6 hun @nba,” Rondo posted on his Instagram Stories, sharing a photo of his spotless hotel room.

“As someone who has stayed in multiple Motel 6s, I would like to clarify that this does not, in fact, look like a Motel 6,” Rodger Sherman wrote on Twitter.

“Motel 6 absolutely loving this comparison,” Reddit CFB wrote.


As Rondo’s post continued to go viral, several users added their two cents about Rondo’s perceived rich privilege. “Being rich must be crazy if you think this is anything like a motel 6,” one user wrote. “Rajon Rondo letting people know he’s never been inside a Motel 6 in his entire life.”

“I’m not gon lie  that’s the best motel 6 I EVER saw lmfao cause BOY!!!!! Motel 6 in the hood don’t look like this 😂🤣🤣😂😂😂,” another said.

What do you think about Rondo’s comparison?Motel 6

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