Twitter Reacts To Video Of Trey Songz Spitting In Two Women’s Mouth

Well, if it isn’t Mr. Steal Yo Girl causing a frenzy on Twitter, again.

A video has gone viral of Trey Songz spitting in the mouths of two women on what sources are saying is a video set. Hopefully, these two women haven’t been stolen from someone because the video would probably be too much for an ex to stomach.

While some people are open to this freaky sexual behavior, others are incomplete disgust.

Although we don’t know what was going on here, we must say Twitter has released some pretty funny tweets on the video, with many of them questioning how could this be happening during a pandemic. Especially, since it was reported that Trigga caught the coronavirus back in October 2020.

Looks like we will have to wait and see the finished product.

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