Twitter Reacts To The Most Relatable Tweets Of This Week

Twitter Reacts To The Most Relatable Tweets Of This Week

Every week, Black Twitter users go viral or start trending because of something they said or posted. But this week, the most RT’d tweets have been the most relatable ones.

We are halfway through February, and we are still dealing with a pandemic; many are over Covid-19 and the precautions they have to take just to NOT catch the virus.

I know that I could definitely relate to what one Twitter user tweeted: “I am very happy that I have successfully managed to avoid covid for a year, but I am also exhausted from trying to avoid covid for a year”

Another user tweeted about how the weekends have been FLYING by ever since the pandemic began, tweeting, “Somebody said these weekends starting to feel like 30 min lunch breaks and I felt that in my soul.”

As we all know this past Sunday was the Super Bowl and many fans weren’t feeling it; some called it boring, others were disappointed with the NFL’s ‘Inspire Change’ commercial, and a few were just upset that their team lost.

One user tweeted: “There should be a reverse super bowl with the shittiest teams of the season and the one that loses wins worst team of the year.”

Now, of course, we all can relate to Covid-19 and hating the NFL for Colin Kaepernick, but these additional general tweets just made me giggle a little because it really seems like we all go through the same situations:

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