Twitter's Most Relatable Tweets of The Week

Twitter’s Most Relatable Tweets of The Week

It’s Fridayyyyyy,  and we are back with the most relatable tweets of the week.

Who remembers the time when Black Twitter told the UNO creators that they were wrong about THEIR rules?

Or the fact that we all anticipate summer break as if we didn’t have bills to pay ….

Then there are the people who constantly debate on whether being nice to working-class people is the right thing to do.

What about the many who work towards their summer bodies while still continuing to constantly eat their favorite foods?

I believe most women can relate when it comes to showering in the scorching heat.

Can we please bring back the time when BET was truly all about Black entertainment ….

We all have been in that one relationship where that person just won’t get it right, but you still don’t want anyone else.

How many of us have forgotten people’s names after they told us over 1,000 times?

Which one of your friends will you hold hostage at the cookout this summer?

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