Two Black Women Kicked Off Amtrak Train Due To Dog Poop

Two Elderly Black Women Were Kicked Off An Amtrak Train Because Their Support Dog Pooped [Video]

Two elderly black women were kicked off of an Amtrak train after their emotional support dog pooped on the train. The women apparently picked up the poop immediately, but that wasn’t enough for the Amtrak worker, who apparently called the cops.

“They want you off the train, for whatever reason, they want you off the train,” said the cop.

Another male passenger recorded the women being kicked off the train, sharing that he watched the entire incident transpire.

“Sir, I was a witness to this. They are mistreating them and the dogs; you want them off the train because they’re black,” said the witness.

Moments later, the women can be seen off the bus with their luggage, stranded in the cold.

According to Amtrak onboard and station guidelines, dogs and cats up to 20 pounds are welcome on trips up to seven hours, but the animal must be in a closed carrier under the person’s seat.

According to the video, it isn’t clear if the dog was being held in a carrier.

Amtrak has not released a statement as of yet.


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