Two Customers Sue California Weed Company Over Alleged Low THC Levels In Purchased Weed

Two Customers Sue California Weed Company Over Alleged Low THC Levels In Purchased Weed

Two people are suing a California marijuana company over its weed products’ potency levels.

When you go to a weed shop, the one thing you’re trying to do is get high. For two customers who shopped at DreamFields Brands, Inc., they said the company’s weed didn’t get them as high as it was supposed to based on what the company allegedly claimed their product’s potency levels were, and now they are suing.

On Oct. 20, Jasper Centeno and Blake Wilson filed a lawsuit against DreamFields, claiming the company falsely claimed their products have a high THC component. The plaintiffs say the company is unfair competition, falsely advertising its products and being negligent in how they are representing its products.

According to the California Department of Cannabis Control, companies are required to provide info about a product’s THC levels on its label. And THC levels must be within 10 percent of the actual content. The plaintiffs say they bought a “Jeeter” pre-rolled joint. An independent test showed the joints actually had lower THC levels than what they claimed to have, the suit alleges.

“Because cannabis consumers generally prefer and are willing to pay more for high-THC cannabis products, declaring that their products have a very high THC content allows Defendants to charge premium rates for their cannabis products,” reads the lawsuit, WDSU reports.

In response, the company called the allegations against it are false. “We take pride in our compliance and commitment to state-mandated testing procedures, including independent, third-party testing. The product and our integrity (are) something we truly value as a company, and take all the proper and legal steps before our product hits the shelves.”

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