Two Friends Of Derrick Rose Accuser Come Forward; Says She's Making Up Rape Allegations For Money

Two Friends Of Derrick Rose Accuser Come Forward; Says She’s Making Up Rape Allegations For Money


It looks like there has been a shocking turn in Derrick Rose’s civil sexual assault trial. According to friends of the alleged victim, this could all be a huge money grab.

You may recall that Jane Doe, whose name will be revealed in court next week, is accusing Derrick Rose and his pals of breaking into her home and raping her after the crew partied together the day before. According to Rose, however, the group sex was consensual and the woman is only mad because the sex toy she bought broke and he stopped returning her phone calls when she approached him about paying for it.

Now, new court documents show that a friend of the victim has come forward and may have worked a miracle in Rose’s defense.  Also, a former room mate of the alleged vicim has come forward to corroborate the claims that Jane Doe was not really raped.

According to, a few weeks after the alleged sexual assault, Jane Doe and a friend Gabriela Chavez, went on a trip to Las Vegas. Chavez says that while on the trip, Doe admitted that she hadn’t spoken to Rose in a while and that the sex with his friends was consensual, despite being asked bluntly if she was raped. She also brings up that Jane Doe is a party girl who has dated several athletes.

“We had a lot of fun in Las Vegas. During the trip to Vegas, the plaintiff told me that she had not heard from Derrick Rose for a while, and she had recently had sex with Derrick and two of his friends — Randall and Allen. She told me she had sex with all three of them, and that she was upset that Derrick was okay with it. At no time did she ever state or claim that Derrick Rose (or his friends) had raped her or done anything non-consensual. Just the opposite: she informed me in her own words that she had partied with them and been with all of them, but all indications were that it was consensual.”

Gabriella says the two went on to enjoy their time in Vegas, but she did ask once again about the sexual encounter with Rose.

“In light of my extensive background and training providing services to inner-city communities including abused women, I bluntly asked her if she was raped. She said “no” but that she did sleep with all three men. A month or so later, she told me she was going to sue and that she expected an out of court settlement.”

According to BSO, this is the second time that the accuser’s friends have come forward in Rose’s defense. The first time, Doe’s room mate at the time had a mouthful to say.

“I believe Jane Doe’s efforts to extort money from Derrick Rose based on sham allegations is unfair and inappropriate,” the accuser’s former roommate and co-worker said in the filing.

She entered the case after the accuser’s attorney objected to the release of a series of text messages between the woman and the accuser to a basketball website. In the texts, the accuser discusses her financial problems, unemployment and “how I could not let this lawsuit go because of this.”

In court filings, Rose, and later the former room mate, allege the accuser filed the lawsuit against the basketball player because she was upset with Rose over the lack of reimbursement for a sex toy.

With the October 4 court date quickly approaching, Derrick Rose has asked that a gag order be placed on Jane Doe and her team in an effort to get them to stop talking to the media. He also says he knows nothing of a criminal investigation against him. ” I haven’t talked to anyone and this is my first time hearing about it and once again I am not worried about it, I felt like I didn’t do anything wrong.”


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