Two More Women Come Forward With Sexual Assault Allegations Against R. Kelly

Two more women have come forward with claims that singer-songwriter R. Kelly sexually assaulted them. 

A new videotape has emerged that allegedly shows Kelly sexually assaulting another underage girl, who is supposedly one of the two women who are now speaking out. Their attorney, Gloria Allred, said during a Thursday press conference that the women felt compelled to come forward “in order to encourage others who may have been victimized by him to come forward.”

Allred says Kelly’s manipulative ways fall in line with an “alleged pattern” of singling out vulnerable “teenagers.” The women, Latresa Scaff and Rochelle Washington, say they met Kelly during mid-90s in Baltimore at a concert when they were teens. Both say they were allegedly offered cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol.

“At the time I thought meeting a celebrity would make me be happy but in this case it didn’t,” Washington said Thursday. “I just wanted to have fun . . . I could never forget that day. I can’t get it out of my mind, what I saw and what happened.”

The women say Kelly asked them to participate in a threesome, he then exposed himself and allegedly took advantage of Scaff that same night. As evidence, the women provided photos from the night, showing an image of LL Cool J, who was also reportedly performing at that night’s show. 

Two other pictures showed the women at the after-party, and another photo allegedly showed Kelly performing that night. Scaff and Washington say they are willing to testify under oath, Complex Media reports.

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