Two People Claim Nearly $2 Billion Mega Millions Lottery Prize

Two People Claim Nearly $2 Billion Mega Millions Lottery Prize

Two people are the winners of a nearly $2 billion prize.

Imagine winning the lottery only to find out someone also has won the same jackpot you have. That’s the situation for two lucky peeps, who came forward as the winners of $1.34 billion.

Both tickets were purchased in July at a Speedway gas station in Des Plaines. Both winners have decided to split the money. Both winners chose to stay anonymous, and they both opted to receive a lump sum payment of $780.5 million, reports CNN.

“I’ve been working for the Illinois Lottery for over five years and this is by far the largest prize I’ve ever had to process. When we met with the winners’ lawyers there was a real buzz of excitement in the room,” said Illinois Lottery Claims Manager Luis Rodriguez.

“It’s a surreal feeling giving away this amount of money and knowing what a huge impact this is going to make on the winners’ lives, and for others close to them as well. It was an incredible feeling just to be part of that process – so I can only imagine how the winners themselves are feeling,” Rodriguez went on, CNN reports.

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