Two Texas Real Estate Agents Who Traveled By Private Jet To Capitol Riot Arrested

Authorities have arrested two Trump supporters who flew in by private jet to participate in the January 6 capitol riot, PEOPLE reports.

Jason lee Hyland,37, and Katherine Schwab, 32, have been charged with disorderly conduct and knowingly entering a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority.

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6 and forced Congress members to evacuate to a safe place. The violent insurrection left five dead.

The FBI has worked hard to identify those involved. Schwab didn’t make it hard for authorities to find her. According to the criminal complaint, she posted to Facebook days before asking if anyone wanted to come with her to the rally.

Authorities discovered that Hyland organized the private plane to Washington, PEOPLE reports.

Both Schwab and Hyland went to the rally before going to storm the Capitol. During their interview with authorities, they said they went back to their hotels after the rally but found out about the Capitol riot once getting there. Both took an Uber to join the massive crowd.

They said they hadn’t planned on going inside the Capitol. Hyland said he asked a police officer could he go inside after seeing a “funnel” of people going in; the officer responded by saying, “everyone else is.”

Schwab said she was “pushed by the crowds’ into the building.

However, a Facebook post made by her paints a different picture. “The National Guard was in there and didn’t move an inch,” she allegedly wrote. “They sat back. They didn’t fight against us at all … because there was no need to. After the girl was shot and killed that’s when we raised hell.”

Hyland and Schwab have been released on bond and have yet to enter a plea.

Jenna Ryan Private Jet To Capitol Riot
Image Credit: Department of Justice

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