Tyler Perry Responds to People Who Criticize the Wigs on 'Sistas': 'Stop Asking Me About Some Damn Hair'

Tyler Perry Responds to People Who Criticize the Wigs on ‘Sistas’: ‘Stop Asking Me About Some Damn Hair’

Tyler Perry responds to critics who have something to say about the wig choices on the hit show “Sistas“: “I don’t know how to do hair.”

When it comes to criticism, no one is safe from it, especially from Twitter. Over the years, Twitter users have voiced their opinions on a variety of topics. One of Black Twitter’s topics is the wigs the characters have worn in Tyler Perry’s shows and films. While fans recognize the sheer brilliance behind his programs, they seem never to be able to hold back their two cents when it comes to hairpieces. 

A lot of the comments recently have been about Perry’s hit show “Sistas” on BET. 

“The wigs may be BAD, but …. @ tylerperry did the DAMN THING with this show!! #SistasOnBET #sistasbet #sistas,” said one person in 2020. In 2019, a user wrote: “The wigs on Tyler Perry’s Sistas are so bad.”

“Tyler Perry pays them beauticians $65 an hour to create wigs that look like helmets,” said another Twitter user on September 3. 

Eventually, Perry responded to the criticism. During a chat on The Tyler Perry Show: Sistas After-Show Edition, Perry said he wants fans to stop talking to him about hair. 

“I want all of y’all to stop talking about hair to me, please. I swear to you, these are the things I can do: I can run a company, I can build a house, I can go on stage. I do all of this stuff. I know what I do. I don’t know how to do hair. I don’t know nothing about it,” said Perry. 

He continued, “I hire people to do hair. Pay them $65 an hour. You heard that right. $65 an hour. They work 10 to 12 hours a day to make sure the hair is right. That’s their job, so I’m paying them to do their job, and they’re doing that. They’re doing a great job. Sometimes, things slip because I move a little fast, but they get it done.”

He ended laughingly, saying, “stop asking me about some damn hair. Go talk to somebody that’s got a hot curler. Like I’m walking around with a damn hot curler.”


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