Tyler Perry Shares Gems For Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Talks Faith and More

Earlier this month, Tyler Perry opened one of the largest movie studios in the U.S., celebrated with a star-studded event on the grounds of the 330-acre lot that once served as a Confederate army base. 

Since then, the world-renowned producer, director, actor, playwright, and philanthropist has opened up about his journey to this historical feat, from homelessness to history as the first and only black man to own a major movie studio. However, in a recent interview with Baller Alert, the movie mogul shared a few words of wisdom to help aspiring entrepreneurs reach their dreams, as he had. 

“You gotta make sure it’s your gift, it’s your thing,” Perry said, adding, “and don’t stop. Don’t let anybody stop you, man.” 

“I don’t care what they try to do, what they say. I don’t care if they judge you, if they try to talk about you. If it’s your thing, own it and don’t stop,” he said, before acknowledging his own path of perseverance. “Even when I wanted to give up, I had great faith. That’s why I feel sorry for a lot of people who don’t have faith cause I know you’re going to turn to something if you don’t have faith, but for me, it was tremendous faith in God. I just hope more people just believe and trust that they could do anything.”

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