Tyra Banks Is Reportedly Not Happy With Jay Manuel’s ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Satire Novel

According to Page Six, the narrative of former “America’s Next Top Model” creative director Jay Manuel’s satire novel, “The Wig, the Bitch & the Meltdown,” is not a laughing matter to Tyra Banks.

Sources of Page Six reportedly say that when Banks found out about the release of the satirical book, which came out last week, she reportedly tried to influence their former “ANTM” colleagues not to help promote it.

“Tyra is not happy about the book,” allegedly said a source. “There was some kind of meeting with Tyra [and] some sort of message was sent out regarding the book coming out. A couple of months ago, she asked a lot of the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ family to not interact with Jay and to not support the book.”

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