Tyreek Hill Receives No Disciplinary Action By The NFL For Child Abuse Allegations

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, won’t face any disciplinary action from the National Football League over allegations of child abuse following a four-month investigation.

The NFL found that “based on the evidence presently available,” Hill did not violate the league’s personal conduct policy. The Chiefs issued a statement moments after the announcement, stating Hill is expected to begin training camp next week.

The Chiefs “have decided it is appropriate for Tyreek to return to the team at the start of training camp,” which begins July 27.

“The club fully supports the conditions for return laid out by the league and will continue to monitor any new developments in the case,” the Chiefs’ statement read. 

Mentioned in the NFL’s statement, the guidelines include “conditions set forth by the District Court, Commissioner (Roger) Goodell, and the Chiefs, which include clinical evaluation and therapeutic intervention.”

According to USA Today, The Chiefs suspended Hill on April 25 after excerpts from a conversation between Hill and his then-fiancée, Crystal Espinal, were made public. In that initial clip, Espinal accused Hill of breaking their 3-year-old son’s arm.

League investigators interviewed family members of both Hill and Espinal; Espinal herself declined multiple requests to talk to league investigators. Due to the victim being a minor, meaning police and court records are confidential, the investigation was made a little harder to stick.

Johnson County district attorney Stephen M. Howe said in an April statement that prosecutors “believe that a crime has occurred, but the evidence, in this case, does not conclusively establish who committed the crime against this child.” He continued, “Criminal cases must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt by admissible evidence, not speculation, rumor or hearsay.”

Hill said in a recent tweet that the last few months “have been very difficult for me, especially as a father.” But the NFL player also gave praises to his family and fans, thanked the NFL and Commissioner Goodell.

“I am grateful for so many things and grateful for so many people who have supported me during this challenging time,” Hill said. “I fully respect and accept the NFL’s decision.”


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