EXCLUSIVE: Tyrese Gibson and Zellie Still Together; No Breakup Over Songs About Ex
Tyrese & Zelie Timothy (Instagram)

EXCLUSIVE: Tyrese Gibson and Zellie Timothy Still Together; No Breakup Over Songs About Ex [Video]

Tyrese Gibson has addressed recent speculation about his album rollout for “Beautiful Pain” while catching up with the Baller Alert Show crew.

He clarified that his girlfriend, Zellie Timothy, did not break up with him over the album’s content, with Timothy confirming on the podcast that there was no breakup at all.

During the chat, Timothy emphasized that she had no issue with the album. Tyrese highlighted the attention their relationship garnered, noting, “Tyrese.TV broke the internet because who wants to go in the studio and work on an album and go on your social media and realize that it’s an album that nobody is excited about,” suggesting that the alleged breakup was misunderstood as clickbait.

Gibson also shared that the entire album wouldn’t exclusively focus on his current relationship due to his past experiences. However, he assured that seven songs on the album are dedicated to Timothy.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Tyrese announced a breakup with Timothy due to her alleged frustrations with songs about his ex-wife, Samantha Lee.

We’ll look out for what happens next in Gibson’s musical saga, but as for right now, he and Timothy seem deep in love.

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