U-Haul Slams Funeral Home For Using Their Trucks To Store Bodies, Says It’s “Inhumane”

Executives at U-Haul are outraged after police busted an NYC Funeral home for using their trucks to store dozens of dead bodies. The company has vowed not to do business with the funeral home ever again.

According to TMZ, the Andrew T. Cleckley Funeral Home in Brooklyn rented four unrefrigerated trucks from U-Haul to store about 50 corpses after becoming overwhelmed by the city’s coronavirus death toll. Cops were called after a passerby complained about the awful smell in the area of the funeral home.

Representatives from U-Haul criticized the actions of the funeral home telling TMZ, “This is a wrongful, egregious and inhumane use of our equipment.”

The reps went on to say, “Our trucks are designed for household moves. Properly caring for the remains of people’s loved ones requires vehicles suited specifically for that purpose. Our trucks absolutely cannot be rented for this reason.”

The trucking company has vowed that the Andrew T. Cleckley Funeral home will never again be allowed to rent from them. U-Haul will also take the four trucks involved in the incident out of circulation so that they can be deep cleaned and disinfected.

Uhaul Slams FUneral Home

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