You Can Now Order a Horse-Drawn Carriage as Uber Ride in Honor of Upcoming Coronation

You Can Now Order a Horse-Drawn Carriage as Uber Ride in Honor of Upcoming Coronation

Uber just keeps giving. Add a horse-drawn carriage to the list of availability for the ride-sharing company.

Ahead of the King’s May 6 coronation, Uber is launching a horse-drawn carriage that resembles the one King Charles will ride in on the day he is crowned, House & Garden reported.

Riders can ride around Dulwich Park in south London starting May 3rd May until May 5th b booking through the popular app. Uber will donate money from the “Coronation Carriage” rides to Spana, a United Kingdom charity that supports the welfare of working animals.

Uber has made its own ‘Gold State Carriage’ replica. However, instead of having eight Windsor Grey horses like the carriage King Charles will ride in, Uber will use four white horses to pull its carriage that features plush seats, as well as embroidered cushions and throws.

‘Each of the four white horses pulling the carriage will be dressed up in their finest Coronation wear, complementing the striking and regal look of the carriage and the carriage is adorned with statuettes, exactly like the carriage that King Charles III will be riding in for the formal celebration, to the delight of millions of viewers from around the world,’ Uber said.

Those interested in hitching a ride should go to the Carriage Drive entrance of Dulwich Park between 1 and 4 pm. The Coronation Carriage Concierge will book your trip through the app, ‘without you lifting a finger’, Uber added. Notably, there are a limited number of rides that are available each day.

General manager at Uber UK, Andrew Brem, said, ‘what better way to celebrate one of the most significant events of 2023 by riding like King Charles III in a horse drawn carriage? We’re always looking for new ways to add a little Uber magic to people’s journeys, so we are over the moon to be able to bring the Coronation Carriage to Uber.’

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