Uber Is Finally Offering Uber Pool Without All The Stops

For UberX riders who are willing to ride with others, there’s some ride-sharing credits up for grabs.

Uber is encouraging more shared rides on the app by offering the option of switching your request for a solo UberX ride, starting Thursday in 16 cities throughout the U.S. 

According to Mashable, your ride request will ask if you’d be willing to take the last seat in a shared ride called an Uber Pool. You’re guaranteed to get dropped off first — and get some Uber Cash for the different type of ride and potential stress of sitting next to a stranger.

Uber’s objective is to encourage more riders to ride with strangers, and it’s doing so without sacrificing time or speed, since you’ll be the last rider in the carpool and the first out. 

You can always click “no thanks” option and carry on with your private ride with no need to explain or have anyone know you declined to carpool. Uber Pool rides allow up to two passengers per request.

Uber Pool’s product director Brandon Trew said he pondered the idea of a new feature as a way to expose more people to shared rides. “How do we get more people more excited about sharing the same car?”, he asked. 

Then the idea came, as a way to appeal to a certain subset of riders who are “open to sharing, but not open to the inconvenience.”

The non-stop option will be rolled out in 16 U.S. cities to start, including Atlanta, Las Vegas, D.C. and L.A. but notably won’t be offered in New York City.

Uber pool

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