Uber to Allow Riders and Drivers to Record Audio for Safety

Uber to Allow Riders and Drivers to Record Audio for Safety

Uber has implemented a new audio recording feature to help riders and drivers feel more comfortable during their rideshare trips.

According to a press release from Uber, three cities will be the first to experience Uber’s new audio-recording feature, which is set to launch later this month. The feature will stand as the first in-app feature that provides audio recordings from rides, reports The Verge. When a rider or driver’s trip begins, they will be given the option to record through the rideshare app’s shield icon where its Safety Toolkit is.

When “Record Audio” is selected, both riders and drivers can separately record the trip. The Verge reports that drivers can also use the feature while they are actively looking for rides. The app will let riders know when they are being recorded.

When a person is done recording, the recording file will be encrypted and saved on the rider and driver’s devices. However, no one – including Uber – will be able to listen to the audio. Suppose a rider or driver wants to submit the audio to a safety report. In that case, they will have the option to attach the file, and a trained Uber safety agent will decrypt and review the recording, the new outlet reports.

Uber hasn’t stopped there with its new safety features. The app is also coming out with an audible safety seat belt alert. The alert will work as a seatbelt reminder and will notify a rider from the driver’s phone. The seatbelt reminder will come out sometime early next year.

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