UK Man Who Sexually Abused His Dog Convicted Of 24 Charges

British Man Who Sexually Abused His Dog For Years Convicted Of 24 Charges, Including Paedophilia

A British man is behind bars after being convicted of sexually abusing his pet dog for years and attempting to arrange the abuse of children, among other things.

Authorities learned of Douglas Moore’s crimes after they came across “sickening footage” of a dog being subjected to both physical and sexual abuse, Complex reported. The content of the video was so disturbing that senior officers in the Metropolitan Police were informed, and a warrant was issued to arrest its owner.

Moore, 34, attempted to delete all evidence of his wrongdoing, but luckily, officers were able to arrest the Manchester man in November 2021 and rescue the pet dog. 

Eventually, the man was found guilty on 24 charges of various sex offenses, including having sex with an animal, possessing extreme pornographic images that showed an act of intercourse, and oral sex with both a dead and alive animal.

Authorities submitted additional evidence seized from Moore’s devices revealing that he had attempted to set up meetings for the abuse of children and dogs and used the “dark web” to exchange inappropriate material. 

However, there is no evidence to prove that any of the attempts were successful. Moore was also found guilty of posting offensive articles online and possessing marijuana.

“Upon discovery of the original video, we took immediate and decisive action to identify Moore and save the dog,” Pc Pete Howes, from the Online Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation Command, told the court. “I am happy to say the dog is now safe and well and being cared for. The scale of evidence compiled meant Moore was left with no option but to plead guilty. I’m pleased he is now in jail where he belongs. It is no exaggeration to say that this investigation may well have spared more animals, and humans, from coming to incredibly serious harm.”

According to the publication, Moore is no longer allowed to own animals and will be on the sex offenders register for life.

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