Rachel Uchitel
Rachel Uchitel

Unauthorized HBO Documentary On Tiger Woods Features His Mistress Rachel Uchitel

A new documentary about Tiger Woods is available on HBO and HBO Max. The two-part documentary examines the rise, fall, and comeback of Woods. Rachel Uchitel, the woman who contributed to his fall with infidelity, is featured in the documentary.

“[J]ust like the book it is based off of, the upcoming HBO documentary is just another unauthorized and salacious outsider attempt to paint an incomplete portrait of one of the greatest athletes of all-time,” Mark Steinberg, Woods’ agent, said to Golf Digest.

Woods and his camp did not participate in the documentary. Woods high school girlfriend, Dina GravellParr, and his mistress, Uchitel, are featured in the documentary. In an interview with Derek Zagami, Uchitel opened about how the media treats her.

“I spent 10 years having a lot of the media be very snarky in the way that they write about me, the public be very angry in the way they speak about me and the way that they perceive me, and I have felt they have wanted an apology from me,” Uchitel said.

Uchitel says she refuses to apologize to people that had no involvement in the affair but acknowledged that she owed one person an apology.

“I need people to understand that that is not an apology that I owe to anybody because I didn’t personally hurt anyone, and people don’t personally know me,” Uchitel stated. “They have to remember that.”

“They are putting a lot of their personal anger on me for their own personal issues,” she said. “It’s on my shoulders, and that’s been really hard for me to take when my personal story has been with two other people, and those are the only people that you know my apology goes to. Or one person, really.”

Uchitel participated in the documentary because she wanted to give her side of the story.

” I don’t like to be branded as a mistress. I don’t like to be branded as a homewrecker — that’s not who I am,” she said. “I’m a 45-year-old woman. I made one wrong turn 10 years ago… I didn’t throw somebody down the stairs. I didn’t kill someone. I made a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes.”

“He’s moved on. He got to win a bunch of things; he got to have a comeback,” Uchitel said. “Let me have a comeback. Let me be my own person, let me have another story.”


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