United Passenger Says She Was Denied Bathroom Access, Forced to Pee in Cup

United Passenger Says She Was Denied Bathroom Access, Forced to Pee in Cup


Last month, a passenger was physically removed from an overbooked United Airlines flight, sparking widespread controversy and debate about company’s policy. The airline faced major criticism and suffered a dip in sales after the incident went viral, prompting the CEO to issue a public statement and apology.

However, unbeknownst to the public, the incident with Dr. David Dao was not the only unfortunate event to occur aboard a United aircraft on April 9th. A Kansas City nurse says she was denied access to a bathroom by the company’s flight crew, forcing her to resort to alternative options.

Nicole Harper shared her story on Facebook, explaining that the crew would not let her use the restroom after the captain turned on the fasten seat-belt sign midway through the flight.

“After explaining that I have an overactive bladder and would either need to use the restroom or pee in a cup, I was handed a cup by flight attendants,” Harper revealed, adding that that wasn’t even the worst part.

When she finished and the seat belt light was turned off, Harper was escorted to the restroom, who “treated me like I had committed a crime.” She said, the crew called in a cleaning crew to disinfect the entire row, although she hadn’t made a mess, and forced her to speak with the pilot.

“I guess they would have preferred me to pee (on) the seat? After all they were the ones that gave me the cups knowing what I was planning to do with it,” Harper wrote. “As an emergency room nurse, I completely understand having a bad day on the job and having to deal with undesirable bodily fluids. What I don’t understand is ZERO customer service, if I treated a patient this poorly I would surely have consequences.”

In turn, according to The Charlotte Observer, United issued a statement in response to Harper’s claims.

“Initial reports from our flight attendants indicate that Ms. Harper attempted to visit the lavatory on final descent and was instructed to remain seated with the seat belt fastened per FAA regulations. The situation described by Ms. Harper and our employees is upsetting for all involved. We have reached out to Ms. Harper and our flying partner Mesa Airlines to better understand what occurred.”


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