University Apologizes After Survey Called BLM “Wild Beast Preying” On Community

Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts has apologized after a survey they distributed included a description that called the Black Lives Matter movement “a wild beast preying on your local community.”

According to Newsweek, a student at the university shared a photo of the survey in a tweet that went viral with more than 700 retweets and more than 1,000 likes.

Jenna Higgins tweeted a photo of the psychology survey that read, “The Black Lives Matter is a wild beast preying on your local community. Just one year ago, the city was in good shape, with no obvious vulnerabilities. Now, protest-related incidents fluctuate unpredictably, and for many, it seems not enough is being done.”

The survey described, “The city’s defense systems have weakened, and normal life has succumbed to BLM disputes. The protests have strained your community and have threatened the town’s health and human services. It seems danger lurks around every corner, and there is a worry that if the city does not regain its strength soon, even more serious problems may start to develop.”

It then asked participants: “In your opinion, what does your local community need to do to reduce the escalation of the Black Lives Matter movement?”

The university released a statement saying it was reviewing the use of the survey after it received “a number of student complaints.”

University President Frederick W. Clark and Provost Dr. Karim Ismaili said they “firmly stand” with the Black Lives Matter movement and are “deeply sorry for the pain and harm this has caused our students and other members of our community.”

They also said in the statement that the description included in the survey was “hypothetical” and designed to “elicit predictable responses to better understand how differences in the framing of an issue shape opinions, beliefs, and reactions.”

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