UNO Introduces "All Wild" Game, Allows You to Double Skip Players & Swap Hands With Opponents

UNO Introduces “All Wild” Game, Allows You to Double Skip Players & Swap Hands With Opponents

Uno has launched a new spin on its popular card game where every single game card is a wild card.

In traditional Uno, the objective is to get rid of all your cards one at a time by matching the color or number to the previously played card. In the revamped version of the game, Uno All Wild, every card is a wild card, meaning you will not have to match your cards’ colors or numbers to the previously played card.

With All Wild, players are dealt a hand from the deck. They then take turns playing cards from their hand until someone gets rid of all of their cards, as with the regular Uno game. However, every card is either a Skip, Double-Skip, Draw, Targeted Draw, Reverse or Hand Swap, which allows you to switch your cards with a fellow participant. A Wild Skip Two card also allows players to skip two other players instead of one, as with the original game. The Wild Forced Swap card will enable participants to change their entire hands.

The game is much more fast-paced, making for a more intense Uno session. But, priced at only $6, it is worth a try.

Uno lovers looking to spice up their game night can order the card game now at


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