US Capitol Police Arrested Virginia Man With Fake Inaugural Credentials, A Loaded Handgun and 500 Rounds Of Ammunition

A Virginia man was arrested for allegedly trying to enter through a D.C. checkpoint armed with a gun, 500 rounds of ammunition, and fake inaugural credentials.

According to the Daily Mail, Wesley Allen Beeler was arrested Friday evening after he tried to make his way through security checkpoints in the downtown DC area created in preparation for Joe Biden’s inauguration.

A police report alleged that Beeler drove his pick-up truck to a police checkpoint at North Capitol and E Street, close to the Capitol building. Beeler allegedly showed officers fake inauguration credentials in an effort to breach the security perimeters.

Police uncovered a Glock semi-automatic pistol in the armrest of his truck and found it was pre-loaded with 17 rounds of ammunition and a round chamber ready to be fired.

A police report obtained by the Daily Mail stated that officers later found the pistol, 509 rounds of ammunition, shotgun shells, and a handgun magazine. 

Beeler was taken into custody, arrested for several offenses, including possessing an unregistered firearm and possessing unregistered ammunition.

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