Vanessa Bryant Calls Out Nike Over 'MAMBACITA' Sneaker Leak, Says They Were Not Approved To Be Made

Vanessa Bryant Calls Out Nike Over ‘MAMBACITA’ Sneaker Leak, Says They Were Not Approved To Be Made

Vanessa Bryant recently took to social media to explain her outrage over the manufacturing of the Nike sneakers that she designed in honor of Kobe and her daughter Gianna because they should’ve never been released.

Early Thursday morning, Bryant clarified the matter, claiming that during recent negotiations with Nike, she assisted in creating a Kobe 6 Protro that was supposed to honor her two loved ones who tragically died in a helicopter crash last year.

The shoes, according to Bryant, had a black and white colorway, Gianna’s #2, and other unique details such as a butterfly, wings, and a halo.

Vanessa alleges that she did not consent for the shoes to be created following her split with Nike this spring, but she believes they’ve been leaked anyway and uploaded a photo of someone holding the sneaker.

“Nike has NOT sent any of these pairs to me and my girls,” Vanessa said in a statement. “I do not know how someone else has their hands on shoes I designed in honor of my daughter, Gigi, and we don’t. I hope these shoes did not get sold.”

“I just want to make it clear that I don’t own a pair of those Mambacita Kobes,” the IG user said in a statement. “The pictures I posted are official product pictures from a Nike authorized retailer.” The user continued, “Unfortunately for [Vanessa Bryant], Nike clearly sent pairs to this retailer (as well as others) with the intent of selling pairs.”

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