Vermont Man Arrested for Killing His Mother in Order to Obtain Family's $7M Estate

Vermont Man Arrested for Killing His Mother in Order to Obtain Family’s $7M Estate

A man from Vermont is suspected of murdering his mother to acquire his family’s $7 million estate.

On Tuesday, Nathan Carman, 28, was arrested and is facing eight counts of murder. He is accused of killing his mother, Linda Carman.

According to the New York Post and The Associated Press, Nathan let his mother, Linda Carmen, drown while fishing on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts in 2016.

Nathan was discovered eight days after he and his mother set out on a raft that had sunk off the island’s coast. He initially informed the Coast Guard that he had climbed onto the raft as their boat began sinking but couldn’t find his mother.

Witnesses claim they saw Nathan removing the boat’s stabilizing trim tabs from the stern and fixing the holes with an epoxy stick.

Police are also investigating Nathan after his family accused him of murdering his grandfather, John Chakalos, in 2013. When Chakalos was shot three times in the head at his Windsor, Connecticut, home, authorities were keeping an eye on Nathan since he was the last person to see Chakalos alive.

“According to the unsealed indictment, in 2013, Nathan Carman shot and killed his grandfather John Chakalos at Chakalos’s home in Windsor, Connecticut, and, in 2016, killed his mother Linda Carman and sunk his boat during a supposed fishing trip off the coast of Rhode Island,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Vermont said via a statement. “The indictment alleges that both killings were part of a scheme to obtain money and property from the estate of John Chakalos and related family trusts.”

Nathan faces the death penalty if convicted on the murder charge, as well as up to 30 years in jail if convicted of the fraud counts.

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