Victoria Beckham Says She'd "Rather Die" Than Rock Crocs Sent To Her By Justin Bieber

Victoria Beckham Says She’d “Rather Die” Than Rock Crocs Sent To Her By Justin Bieber

Fashion icon and Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham is not here for Justin Bieber, gifting her with a custom pair of embellished Crocs.

Justin Bieber and his Drew House line sent Beckham a pair of lilac Crocs decorated with cartoon animals. Beckham posted the lively comfort shoes on her Instagram Story with a poll for her fans to vote on. She wrote, “Will I be wearing lilac crocs?!” with a yes or no option. The results came in with 43% of voters selecting yes and 57% voting no.

Beckham posted the results and wrote, “Well that was close!… I think I’d rather die but thank you anyway @justinbieber.” To ensure there was no bad blood between her and the “Peaches” singer, she later wrote on her Instagram Story, “the Beckhams still love you, @justinbieber!”

The Justin Bieber edition of the Crocs is now sold out, so many people clearly adore his spin on the slip-on footwear. However, don’t expect Victoria Beckham to be rocking them any time soon.

Justin Bieber has not publicly responded to Beckham’s Croc shaming.

victoria beckham's rejection of justin bieber's crocs

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