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Video Of Pregnant Philadelphia Woman Harassed By Nurse Practitioner Goes Viral [Video]

Video of a pregnant woman seemingly harassed by a medical provider is going viral on TikTok.

TikTok user @jay_goddess_ posted a series of videos to her TikTok account showing that he was harassed by a nurse practitioner trying to obtain a note to take her out of work. The woman, named Jillian, is seven months pregnant. 

The video of the conversation has allegedly been removed by the video-sharing platform several times. It picks up in the middle of the interaction. Jillian explained in videos posted to her account that the NP was hostile toward her throughout the examination, and she called the woman a “weirdo.”

The incident spilled into the waiting room, where the NP is heard weirdly questioning her thought process behind getting pregnant.

“What were you thinking about when you got pregnant? That you were not gonna work?” the NP asks. “I’m just curious because I’ve had three kids. I worked until the second they were born.” 

“Do you know how I feel?” Jillian asks.

“I want to know your mindset. When you got pregnant what were you thinking about?” the provider presses. 

“I was thinking about having a kid. I’m confused about where you’re going at.” Jillian responds.

“I’m confused too because you came in here, and I did an assessment, and I gave you my best medical advice, and you didn’t like that.”

Jillian explains that she’s been experiencing pain and wants a note so she can take it easy for the last two months of her pregnancy. The nurse practitioner accuses her of fraud and then approaches her. Jillian puts her arms up in defense while the woman appears to swipe at her with a laptop cover. 

The Philly Pregnancy Center responded to the incident with a comment defending the provider. 

“IN this clip, please note that the NP tried to have a conversation with a terribly upset patient. The NP examined the patient and to her professional opinion she thought that medically there is NO indication for the patient to be excused completely from work,” the comment read. “Right or wrong, this is a different discussion.”

They continued, “Do you think healthcare providers are not entitled to a professional opinion even though it may be against the wish of the patient?” The practice explains that the interaction occurred after the patient cursed at the provider and aggressively approached the NP, resulting in her holding up the laptop cover. 

“We do not deserve this kind of treatment and harassment that we have endured by this patient and her followers on social media and beyond,” the practice wrote. “We will continue to serve our patients with the same dedication, love, and care.” 


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  1. I believe the patient got extremely upset with the NP because she didn’t get what she wanted from her…
    She got her stink way after all by a Dr on site because the facility wanted her to be discharged.
    This so called victim is using race to get payback and she wants this NP to suffer for it.
    I feel sorry for that baby being born into her care.

    • The race card???? I have had problems with doctors here in Philly so if you want to pull the race card have a talk with a doctor about black health and tell us how they respond. I feel sorry for you kids. You are why we need CRT!!!!

      • I am a Black Woman. I have never in my 58 years seen any hate from any type of Doctor due to my race. Even in Philly. Most of the hate I have seen is from anyone in uniform even as a NP or Doctor to someone with a million tattoo’s, piercings and their natural demeanor. Honestly, I think Ms. Smigo treated that girl like that because of her tattoos, her demeanor and because She was being a brat! Everyone can clearly see she is being a brat just by her tone when she is recording the NP. Yes, she is upset and she has every right to be. It is not right how the NP treated her. Unfortunately I have seen hate from people in uniform just by judging others for what they look like. But mostly because again of the tattoos and how that person carries their self. I’m not saying it is right, because it’s not. But it is also not right, for a patient to think they can treat someone like the ground they walk on just because they are pregnant and hormonal or for whatever reason they think they can get away with it. All of y’all younger generations ain’t quit playing this whole generational race card. Y’all haven’t seen true racial hate. Your ancestors did, but not you. Most of the crimes and hate today is created from our own Black brothers and sisters. Our own race is the MOST racist Race in this Country! That’s the truth!

  2. Unprofessional. I’m not saying that the pregnant woman was justified but just listening to the NP’s tone…lack of professionalism, care and compassion. People can be difficult but when you are in the profession of serving and providing care to others, you have to see it through even when it’s difficult.

    • Jasmine Thibodaux

      Which truly sad how Theresa Smigo the NP handled that situation. Her tone, her mannerism, Even her asking the girl why she got pregnant, it IS NOT HER BUSINESS. She claims she worked until the very second her kids were born, I call BS! But I also highly doubt she called the police on that girl just because she called her a “Weirdo”. It looks like to me, in my BLACK honest opinion, the mother to be was looking for a handout, a major one. And she knew she would get that on social media via cash app, and Amazon gift registry for her baby even her daughter, she says it. It’s a shame how Theresa Smigo treated her that way. But it isn’t because she is mixed with Black. It’s because Theresa Smigo is a BITCH. I personally know! I used to work with her. She is a BITCH all the time! Even to you white people. Stop playing the race card!.

  3. I think that her tone was unprofessional and if I had that NP for my pregnancy that would be the worst care EVER. There is no race card here….nasty is nasty. What a terrible attitude and how uncaring and rude. I did not notice the woman being rude she was being disrespected.

    • I think that her tone was unprofessional and if I had that NP for my pregnancy that would be the worst care EVER. There is no race card here….nasty is nasty. What a terrible attitude and how uncaring and rude. I did not notice the patient being rude thepatient was being disrespected.

  4. Sounds like she was triggered and projecting because she had to work during her pregnancies. It also sounds like she violated HIPPA. Good riddance to that rancid b!txh.

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