Vigilante With Gun Kills 2 Protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin; Walks Right By Police And Is Still On The Loose

As many rightfully gathered in the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin, to protest for Jacob Blake, a black man shot multiple times in the back by white police officers; an unidentified white male turned the night into a tragic nightmare.

What is mind-blowing is the fact that the vigilante walked right by police officers after killing two people and injuring 1.

According to TMZ, the protest initially centered around the courthouse but eventually turned violent. Water bottles, rocks, and fireworks were aimed at police, who in returned fired rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd of people. Protesters dispersed and moved several blocks away.

That is when things took a turn for the worse. In video footage of the melee, a white vigilante appears on video brazenly walking down the street with his long gun. Reports say he had already shot someone in the stomach a few blocks away and was reportedly being chased by protesters trying to subdue him.

The gunman is seen on video falling to the ground, and that is when he fires his gun, striking and killing two people.

Afterwards, police who likely heard the gunshots swarmed the area in patrol cars and fortified vehicles, from the video we see the gunman—with his gun still clearly visible around his chest, put his hands in the air. Police vehicles all pass him, as the crowd screams, he is the shooter.

As a result, the shooter was able to escape and is still on the loose. And this is why we protest.

Kenosha police have yet to identify any of the shooting victims. As for the suspect on the loose, the County Sheriff David Beth told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “I feel very confident we’ll have him in a very short time.”

Sadly, this is America.

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