Vince Staples Opens Up About Jussie Smollett’s Alleged Hate Crime Attack: “Free The Juice Man. He’s Just Running A Little Scam”

Amid ongoing speculation surrounding the alleged hate crime attack on Jussie Smollett, West Coast rapper and cultural commentator, Vince Staples, is opening up about the entire ordeal. 

In a recent interview with GQ, where the rapper divulged on Raf Simons, making music, and other current events, the Long Beach native also explained his position on the Smollett case, as the country’s split on whether to believe the “Empire” actor or Chicago police. 

“Ah, man, free the Juice Man,” Staples said, adding that, “He’s just running a little scam.” 

Despite making light of the possibility that Smollett’s hate crime was staged, he made it clear that the “Empire” actor did not deserve to be locked up over it, especially considering the corrupt history of the force.

“Hopefully he don’t get time because police are smoking people, falsifying police reports, and they get to go home, so let my boy go home,” Staples said, as he touched on Smollett’s motive, which, according to police, was over his dissatisfaction of his salary. 

“Shit, the fact he feels like he has to do that says more about this world and less about him,” Staples added. “Because nobody wants to do that.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Staples touched on Barack Obama’s appearance at the Duke game and the overhyped response to his attire, as well as the Kardashian cheating scandal, to which Staples revealed that he couldn’t care less about either topic. 

“It just had a number on it,” Staples said of Obama’s bomber jacket. “People are easily pleased nowadays. What am I supposed to say? He had on a black bomber jacket and they had the number 44 on the sleeve. What the f*ck do that mean?”

“Why?” He added, after being asked about Trump’s sense of fashion. “Why do we care about either one of them? Why do I care that he got a number on the side of his bomber jacket from Uniqlo? And why do I care if Trump tapes his ties together?” 

As he continued, he unloaded on the Internet’s obsession with the cheating scandal involving Tristan Thompson, Jordyn Woods and Khloe Kardashian. 

“Shit, that’s not my business,” Staples said. “And I think everybody who is obsessed with that on the internet is a loser. I really think that they’re lame as f*ck. I think everyone involved is a f*cking loser. I think the journalists are f*cking losers. I think the people who are making jokes out of people’s lives are all f*cking losers because they know who they do that shit to.” 

“If something happened to me and Jerry O’Connell tried to crack a joke, we are going to come find you. And then what?” He asked. “But they know who to play with.”

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