Viral Facebook Live Assault Victim Hires Sexual Assault Attorneys To Investigate Incident

Lawyers have officially been called on to look into the alleged rape of a woman that went viral. 

Jasmine Eiland’s night out on the town took an ugly turn that many bared witness to. Eiland was at Opera Nightclub in Atlanta when her Facebook Live viewers watched her being sexually assaulted inside the club. The disturbing footage quickly went viral and has now been put in the hands of law enforcement.

Attorney L. Chris Stewart and Joshua Palmer of Stewart Trial Attorneys have been brought on to look into the incident on Jasmine’s behalf. The independent investigation seems to be in great hands since Stewart has a lengthy and successful reputation in sexual assault and civil rights cases. Some being the shooting death of Walter Scott by North Charleston Police and Alton Sterling whose death was caught on camera.

The statement presented by Stewart Trial Attorneys reports that Jasmine will be making a public media address “in the coming days.”

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