Viral Popeyes Meme Kid Signs NIL Deal With the Fast-Food Chicken Chain 10 Years After Video

Viral Popeyes Meme Kid Signs NIL Deal With the Fast-Food Chicken Chain 10 Years After Video

The power of social media continues to show its influence and growing impact on people and society. This time around, a college freshman is reaping the benefits of a viral video he appeared in almost ten years ago.

The boy who went viral on social media for his viral Popeyes meme

Dieunerst Collin, also known as the “Popeyes meme kid,” recently inked a NIL deal with the fast-food chicken chain a decade after becoming viral status.

The 18-year-old is currently a freshman at Lake Erie College, where he plays football.

Ten years ago, a video of Collin took social media by storm after someone turned his reaction into a viral meme. In the clip, he’s seen standing in line outside a Popeyes while giving a serious side-eye to the person filming. After the video racked up over a million views, the meme took its rounds on social media, becoming one of the funniest memes on Twitter.

Over the years, fans called for Collin to get a Popeyes NIL deal. Several people on Twitter tagged the company in a viral post stating Popeyes needs to give the internet legend the money he deserves.

On Sunday, Collin tweeted, “I NEED EVERYONE TO GO TO MY INSTAGRAM @dieunerst REPOST MY RECENT POST AND TAG @Popeyes I JUST WANNA TALK.” After his social media post got some traction, Popeyes finally reached out.

On Tuesday night, Popeyes quote-tweeted Collin saying, ” Let’s get that bread(ing).”

According to Lake Eerie College’s website, Deiunerst is majoring in Sports Management, minoring in Comedian Studies, and is pursuing a sports analyst career.

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