Virginia High School Teacher Relieved Of His Duties After Referencing George Floyd’s Death In Chemistry Class

It’s the lack of sense for me. Common or not, some things are just ignorant, like a northern Virginia chemistry teacher who cited the death of George Floyd on an assignment.

According to NBC Washington News, the teacher asked his students to complete the following sentence on how Floyd died: “George Floyd couldn’t breathe because a police officer put his ____ George’s neck,” the question read.

If you’re like me, you may not be able to get the ill and just cruel answer of “neon.”

Apparently, the assignment was on the periodic table. Frank Bellavia—spokesman for the Arlington Public Schools system, informed reporters that the teacher has been “relieved of teaching duties pending an investigation.”

The teacher has since been blasted for his racial insensitivity by Superintendent Francisco Durán, who also issued a letter to families and employees.

“The content referenced the killing of George Floyd in an unacceptable and senseless way, which hurt and alarmed our students, staff, families and the community,” he wrote.

Durán added: “The reference showed extremely poor judgement and a blatant disregard for African American lives.”

Do people intentionally try to get fired or cause problems because this was just ignorant.

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