That’s Baller: Vision Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury Limousine

The names Mercedes-Benz and Maybach are already synonymous with luxury vehicles, but the unveiling of this new vision car is sure to wow audiences. The Vision Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury is so unique that a new category has been created to define it, the “SUL”. This Sports Utility Limousine is built like a standard SUV in the front however, the rear of the vehicle is made like a limousine.

The exterior of this electric car boasts an impressive set of 24in wheels with rims designed like turbines. The customary grill is complemented by the mesh air intake that features the iconic Maybach logo. The front hood is a double trunk, which is being called a “frunk” and the lights are trimmed in rose gold. Inside, there’s an impressive glass roof and both the cushioned seats and driver pedals are also made with rose gold. The center console contains a heated tray complete with a tea set and a bouquet of flowers. Large screens fill the vehicle’s dashboard and a light display turns either green or red when the car is moving forward or in reverse.

Overall, this car doesn’t disappoint and it’s only a matter of time before we see some of our favorite celebrities flexin on the gram with one.

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