Vladimir Putin Denies Trump's Claims About Joe Biden's Family

Russian President Vladimir Putin Denies Trump’s Claims About Joe Biden’s Family Business

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Donald Trump’s remarks about Joe Biden’s family allegedly having illegal business ties with Ukraine or Russia is not true.

During the second and final presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Trump claimed that Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, allegedly had past criminal business ties to Ukraine and Russia. According to NBC News, there has been no evidence that can confirm or support Trump’s allegations. Biden and Hunter have also said there is no legitimacy to the rumors.

Not only did Hunter and Biden say Trump wasn’t telling the truth, but so did Putin, who rebuked Trump’s claims on Sunday. Reuters reports that Putin has celebrated Trump for wanting better ties with Moscow while mentioning what he referred to as Joe Biden’s “sharp anti-Russian rhetoric.” Now, some of his feelings seem may have changed, as the outlet reports that he appeared visibly bothered by Trump’s comments, which were broadcasted by Russian state TV on Sunday.

“Yes, in Ukraine he [Hunter Biden] had or maybe still has a business, I don’t know. It doesn’t concern us. It concerns the Americans and the Ukrainians,” said Putin. “But well yes he had at least one company, which he practically headed up, and judging from everything he made good money. I don’t see anything criminal about this, at least we don’t know anything about this [being criminal].”

Putin also addressed comments Trump made about Putin’s ties to the former mayor of Moscow, as well as an alleged payment made to Hunter by the ex-mayor’s widow. Putin said he has no knowledge about any business relationship between Hunter and the woman. Biden says that accusation also is not true. NBC News report that U.S. intelligence agencies came to the conclusion that Russia tried to meddle with the 2016 U.S. presidential election to push the race to go in Trump’s favor. However, Moscow denies the allegation. Russa also denies accusations that it tried to interfere with this year’s election, according to Reuters.

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