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Dr. Fauci Says The COVID-19 Shot Will Likely Become A Yearly Vaccination Just Like The Flu Shot

A North Carolina Walgreens Accidentally Injects Patients With Saline Instead Of COVID-19 Vaccine

A North Carolina Walgreens accidentally gave people shots of saline instead of a COVID-19 vaccine, the company said in a statement.

According to the Charlotte Observer, a “limited number” of people were impacted by a vaccine mix-up at a Walgreens location in Monroe. The company said those involved in the mishap should immediately schedule another appointment to receive their vaccination.

“These patients will later receive their second dose within the appropriate time frame,” the statement said.

Unfortunately, a woman and her husband were a part of the mix-up that took place on March 20. “They called us and told us we needed to come back the next day, that there had been a mixup with our shot,” Lisa Strawn told the outlet. The woman was told that the pharmacist forgot to mix the Pfizer vaccine and that they only received saline. The employee explained that they realized they’d made a mistake when they saw that there was too much vaccine left over at the end of the day.

“I just thought it was important that people know, just be careful,” Strawn told WRAL. “You know, check behind them.” Walgreens has since launched an investigation into the matter, saying it has “taken immediate steps to review our procedures with the location to prevent this from occurring again.”

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