Walmart Announces "Sensory-Friendly" Store Hours To Help Shoppers With ADHD and PTSD

Walmart Announces “Sensory-Friendly” Store Hours To Help Shoppers With ADHD and PTSD

Walmart has announced that all US stores will have “sensory-friendly” hours from 8-10 a.m. daily to help shoppers with ADHD and PTSD.

According to the retail giant, the “sensory-friendly” hours will begin on Friday, Nov. 10.

During that time, the overhead radio will be turned off, lights will be dimmed, and all televisions will hold a still image to make the environment less stimulating.

Earlier this year, as part of an effort to make stores more inclusive for patrons with sensory disorders like autism, Walmart tested the idea of creating a calmer shopping experience in a pilot program. During the back-to-school season, the retailer held sensory-friendly hours on Saturday mornings as a test run.

After receiving overwhelming positive feedback from customers and employees, the company has decided to permanently implement the “sensory-friendly” hours daily.

“From face-to-face conversations, emails, listening sessions, social media, and our personal experiences in the stores, we have seen what these changes mean for our customers and associates,” wrote Walmart executives Denise Malloy Deaderick, Cedric Clark, and Alvis Washington in a joint blog post.

“Several associates expressed the desire to continue this program all year,” Walmart store manager Tyler Morgan said. “We have associates with autism, ADHD, etc., in the store, and one associate made the comment that this is the first time the company did something just for him. I know we could all use some calm during the stressful holiday season, so I hope this program can continue.”

“I have a child on the autism spectrum, so sensory overload is a lived experience in our house,” said Nuala O’Connor, Walmart senior vice president and chief counsel for digital citizenship. “ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and other forms of neurodiversity are often an invisible disability. It is meaningful to so many families that Walmart is implementing sensory hours.”

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