Walmart Launching 'Refillable' Delivery Service In Select Cities

Walmart Launching ‘Refillable’ Delivery Service In Select Cities

Walmart is raising the bar with its new delivery service, focusing on sustainability by offering refillable and reusable products.

The pandemic aided in the rising trend of grocery delivery but didn’t touch on the innovative idea introduced by the giant retailer and its partner, the recycling and reuse platform Loop.

The new service, which customers are testing in the metro areas of Bentonville and Rogers, Arkansas., delivers refillable and reusable foods, beauty products, and home goods in refillable containers straight to customers’ doors.

For example, used condiment bottles will be reused instead of discarded. Customers can leave their used empty containers outside their door for pickup. Walmart will return it cleaned and refilled on the customer’s next order.

The goal is to cut down on the excess plastic packaging in landfills, MSN reported.

This delivery service is available for people who are order groceries through Walmart+ InHome. New customers can score the 30-day trial while it last.

Most refillable products come from major brands, including Clorox, Kraft Heinz, Gillette, and Cascade. But over time, Walmart hopes to expand on the quantity of products covered by its service.

“We see a unique opportunity to help our customers eliminate packaging and single-use plastic from many of their regular purchases,” VP for merchandising for household essentials Corey Bender said in a press release.

Walmart is the largest food supplier in North America. If the service ends up being popular, it could lead many other retailers to follow suit, which will cut down on the 40 million of plastic waste the country produces.

If the trial succeeds, Walmart may offer it in other cities.

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