The Walt Disney Company Files Lawsuit Against Stuart Scott’s Estate Over Ex-Wife’s Claim For His Retirement Money

The Walt Disney Company has filed a lawsuit against late ESPN anchor Stuart Scott’s estate because Scott’s ex-wife sued them for $162,000 that the company claims the estate has. 

After Scott’s death, his ex-wife Kimberly Scott filed a lawsuit against Disney and Fidelity claiming she was supposed to be given rights to Scott’s retirement fund from Disney. However, according to documents, after Scott passed Disney had his family trust listed as the beneficiary of his retirement accounts. Disney claims to have given the money to his trust before Kimberly filed the lawsuit.

The Walt Disney Company claims it shouldn’t be a fault for giving the money to the estate, according to the Blast. Now Disney would like to be omitted from the lawsuit because it fears that the wrong person could have taken the funds. Disney feels the only parties that need to be included in the lawsuit are the estate and Kimberly.

Back in 2007, Kimberly filed for divorce from Scott; the departure gave Kimberly $162,899.04 plus interest from Scott’s Disney Savings and Investment Plan 401k Account. Scott was never able to comply with giving Kimberly the $162,899.04 before his death on January 4, 2015. Following Scott’s death, Kimberly tried to get the money but couldn’t because it had already been given to the estate.

The case is still active.

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