Florida Theme Parks Announce Reopenings Following Hurricane Ian

Walt Disney To Renovate Its Anaheim Resort With New Attractions, Stores, and Restaurants

Walt Disney Company unveiled plans for renovations and improvements to its famous Anaheim resort on Thursday. New attractions, stores, and restaurants are on the horizon.

The company will implement the “Disneyland Forward” plan within the theme park’s current 490 acres. The building will occur in underdeveloped existing parts of the resort, such as a parking lot east of the resort and near two Disney hotels west of the theme parks.

The cost of the programs and the work that will be undertaken have not been made public. The plans will be presented to the Anaheim City Council before 2023, but city officials are supportive of the Disneyland renovations. There will be no public funds invested and no plans for a third theme park in Anaheim.

Disney officials proposed areas from their other parks as potential Anaheim additions, but none were accepted. Areas based on the Disney films Tangled, Peter Pan, and Frozen, all of which will open next year at Tokyo DisneySea in Japan, were listed. Other possibilities include the upcoming Toy Story Land and Tron ride at Walt Disney World in Florida and the Shanghai Disneyland area based on the film Zootopia, which is currently under construction.

Mayor Harry Sidhu of Anaheim was excited about the plans, “I welcome fresh thinking about how the Disneyland Resort develops and how we best optimize this resource for our region.”

The city must approve all proposals, and any improvements to the parks and facilities would necessitate a review of previous restrictions. However, considering the park’s economic value, a fight between the city and the corporation over information remains impossible. According to a Cal State Fullerton report, Disneyland generates more than $8 billion in annual economic activity in Southern California.

With pandemic restrictions in place, Disneyland is set to reopen on April 30.

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  1. Headline: Walt Disney To Renovate Its Anaheim Resort With New Attractions, Stores, and Restaurants

    Actuality: Nothing Disney said leads me to believe that this is a definite thing, they just want more flexibility from Anaheim so they COULD do something like this. They never said that they would copy the lands from other Disney resorts (and the concept art, which Disney was open about just being an example of what could happen without committing to anything specific, does not include anything about those areas).

    I just wish reporters would do basic homework before reporting falsehoods. There is nothing to say that Disney WILL expand — they are just entering into a two-year discussion with Anaheim as to whether they CAN do something along these lines if Anaheim will ease its zoning laws.

    This is irresponsible reporting.

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