Washington Football Team Owner Dan Snyder Claims Former Employee Is Being Bribed To Dig Up Dirt On Him

The owner of the Washington Football Team claims a former employee is feeding information about him to news sites. 

Dan Snyder is naming fired executive assistant Mary Ellen Blair in court, claiming she’s taking bribes to feed damaging and false information about him to websites. 

In court documents obtained by TMZ Sports and filed Monday, Snyder claims Blair contacted a football team employee this year to say a story was coming out in the Washington Post that would “not be good for Dan.”

He claims that Blair, who was fired in 2017, implied that she stole information-like team contacts – in order to find negative information for stories. 

The story in the Washington Post came out on July 5 and revealed that “minority owners” of the Washington Football Team were upset with Snyder and looking to sell their shares. 

To make matters worse, according to the suit, in early July, Blair reportedly contacted team employees again to tell them Snyder did “dirty and illegal” things and said it would be coming out in another story.

Snyder claims Blair told an employee they would “probably make a lot of money” for any information on the owner. Sources say Snyder even has recordings of Blair offering bribes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

According to TMZ, Snyder’s lawyer said the employees didn’t fall for Blair’s tricks. But on July 16, another Washington Post story that accused multiple staff members of the football team of sexual harassment was published. However, the allegations pointed out that Snyder had not been accused.

In addition to the initial suit, The football team owner also filed a $10 million defamation suit against the website meaww.com for posting a story that claimed Snyder was linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking. 

Snyder now wants the judge to let him look into Blair’s contacts and finances because he believes someone is paying for her expensive lifestyle in exchange for fake dirt about him.

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