Are You A Conspiracy Theorist?

In this day and age, we act so woke that we are often blinded by the obvious or neglect to enjoy the present. Those actions make one wonder if many are conspiracy theorists. Is there more to life and situations than what may meet the eye? Yes. Does this make every misfortune that occurs a conspiracy? No. Some things may be exactly what they present themselves to be.

A conspiracy theorist at its core is simply an individual who believes that there is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. Considering the trajectory of the country and given its history, theories giving way to such notions aren’t far-fetched.

However, everything isn’t an evil plot or a setup against mankind. There is nothing wrong with digging deep for answers or searching beyond for reasons, but understand that things may have a simple explanation. #SandraBland; #KennekaJenkins deserve further exploration. The facts around those cases are blurry. However, if Jay Z and Beyoncé are “Satanist?” Not so much.

Social media, especially YouTube, has given a large- scale platform to individuals who formulate theories without evidence. A substantial amount of YouTubers present theories that have no historical or empirical context. Some things can be proven with simple research or previous knowledge, but these people will take you through numerical allowances and find relevance in things that have no bearings.

If you drive down the block and get into a car accident; unless you are in the middle of a dispute and deal with the mob, chances are that accident was just that- an accident. There isn’t any conspiracy in that, but a conspiracy theorist will look at your license plate numbers, time of the accident and your astrological sign, ultimately connecting your accident to a new world agenda. The only conspiracy in that was you ran a stop light. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Could there be a new world agenda? Possibly, but that wreck had nothing to do with it. Conspiracy theorists reach. If everything has a deeper meaning and all events are to work against humanity, chances are you are a conspiracy theorist.

Are you a conspiracy theorist

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