Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer Accused Jennifer Siebel Newsom Of Lying

Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Accused Jennifer Siebel Newsom Of Lying About Rape

Lawyers for Harvey Weinstein claim that Jennifer Siebel Newsom lied about being raped by the disgraced producer because she can’t “square away” the fact she had “transactional” sex with him.

According to the defense attorney Alan Jackson, Jane Doe 4, the wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom, has been putting on an “overly dramatic” performance on the witness stand to hide the fact that she had consensual sex with Weinstein at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2005.

“She may regret the transactional sex, but regret is far from rape,” Jackson told jurors, according to the NYPOST.  “She made a decision to have a relationship with Harvey, and she benefited from it. … That’s the definition of transactional sex, and she hates it.”

During her testimony, Siebel Newsom said that Weinstein lured her to his hotel room to discuss a movie role. When Deputy District Attorney Marlene Martinez asked if she intended to have sex with the producer that night in 2005, Newsom cried and said “no.”
Newson told Martinez that she had put the horrific memory of the rape “in a box,” but it sometimes revealed itself out of anger. However, Jackson claimed that Siebel Newsom performed a “performance of a lifetime” when testifying in court and repeatedly lied to the jury.

He then emphasized how Siebel Newsom continued to email Weinstein for meetings and inquire about roles and accused her of capitalizing off the #MeToo movement.

“She sought his company over and over,” Jackson said.  “She changes details when it looks bad for her or says she doesn’t remember.  Everything (regarding her memory) is still ‘in a box.’ I don’t know where that box is, but maybe she will find the truth there!”

Weinstein is already serving a 23-year sentence for sexual misconduct charges in New York.  He could face up to 140 years in prison if convicted on 11 counts of rape and sexual assault against four women.

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