Weird But Heartwarming Holiday Family Traditions

With the holidays upon us, families everywhere are preparing those Thanksgiving feasts, and even putting up Christmas decorations before the month of November draws to a close. Many families gather around the table to enjoy meals prepared with love, while some grab a plate and pile in front of the television to catch the annual Thanksgiving Day football games. Some families are a little more modern, favoring a day at Disney World or a family trip abroad over the traditional dining room gathering to commemorate the holidays.

While on Good Morning America, 34-year-old actress Anna Kendricks revealed a very unique Christmas tradition that her family partakes in.

“We do something weird — we watch football with ‘The Nutcracker’ on. We turn the sound off of football, and we play ‘The Nutcracker’ because every now and then it lines up perfectly,” Kendricks said proudly. “I encourage you to do this at home. It’s so much fun … a play will align perfectly as the music crescendos — it’s really great. Everyone cheers!”

Some football enthusiasts may not agree with The Nutcracker blasting while Tom Brady makes a touchdown. However, it is quirky family traditions such as this that bring families together on those special occasions. Check out a few of the hilarious, yet adorable holiday traditions that take place around the world.

1. In Finland, it’s a tradition to visit your buried relatives at sunset on ​Christmas Eve. (Source: ​13 Unusual Holiday Traditions From Around the World​)

2. In ​Australia,​ ​celebrating Christmas on the beach is a tradition. Picnics, volleyball, and swimming are all apart of the holiday celebrations. (Source: ​13 Unusual Holiday Traditions From Around the World​)

3. During Christmas time in Ukraine, it is a tradition to add spider webs to the Christmas tree for good luck. (Source: ​9 Totally Weird Holiday Traditions Around the World​)

4. In Caracas, Venezuela, it has long been a tradition for families to roller skate together to mass. (Source: ​9 Totally Weird Holiday Traditions Around the World​)

5. In Italy, instead of Santa, old lady La Befana is the one making the deliveries. According to tradition (and legend), she makes her rounds ​delivering presents to children every January 5th, the eve of the Epiphany, when it’s believed the Three Wise Men arrived at the manger of Jesus Christ delivering gifts. (Source:​ ​World’s Wackiest Holiday Traditions​)

Which one will you and your family be trying out this year?


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