Wendy Willams Allegedly Spending Time Isolated in NYC Apartment
Wendy Williams (selfie)

Wendy Willams Allegedly Spending Time Isolated in NYC Apartment

RadarOnline.com has reported that former talk show host Wendy Williams is “sad and lonely” due to spending all of her time isolated in her New York City penthouse.

Close friends of the former host have revealed that Wendy, 58, hardly ever leaves her home due to several alleged health issues and financial problems.

“She’s been calling people saying like ‘Hey, let’s have dinner,’ but she’s acting like all this time hasn’t passed,” said one of her close friends.  “It’s this out-of-the-blue call with no update on how she’s doing or anything.”

“When she reaches out, she acts as if we went out to eat last week,” the friend added.

The outlet reported that another close friend claimed Wendy was obsessive about being single and “looking for love” and never mentioned any of her upcoming projects.

“When you finally do get her to give you an update about how she’s been, she goes off into these tangents about being single, looking for love, and all this other stuff,” a second friend said.

“This sign-up form for random people to appear on her podcast is a little strange,” they said, referring to Wendy’s allegedly open call sheet for guest appearances on her not yet materialized podcast.

In June, RadarOnline reported that Wendy left the TV business to start working on her alleged podcast.


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